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Karen McCusker – Business Mentor

  • "I used to work with ‘Getting Things Done’ and I noticed that my ‘To Do’ lists were getting way too long. With Karen’s help, I became more effective and finished my ‘big rocks’ by the beginning of the afternoon. No more guilty feelings about taking time off and spending a little time relaxing in the sun."

    – Jurrien Mammen (Founder/Chairman of Muses Foundation)

  • "Karen provides a clear and structured vision. Thanks to her, I now know how to more effectively present our unique selling points. Many thanks."

    – Manon Erkens (van Zussen Klare Taal)

  • Karen McCusker can see what’s stopping you being successful. It could be something relatively simple, but oh so important. That push in the right direction can make an enormous difference. She has helped many people to reach their goals.

    – Ineke Hilhorst (Hilhorst Partners)

As a successful entrepreneur and Business Coach, I am at the stage that I want to give back by supporting and/or coaching people and non-profit organisations, who themselves want to make a positive difference in the world.

The areas I can help with are:  Strategic Planning, Organisation, Time Management. I have a special talent for Sales and Marketing.  Basically I can see quite quickly what’s stopping you reaching the success you want to have and work with you on a plan to achieve that success.

You can download a booklet on how to make your charity/not for profit organisation more successful.

Having a concrete plan is especially important for charities and non-profit organisations who often rely on volunteers.  This way the volunteers can understand where the organisation is heading, and so more easily follow instructions and you will not get bogged down with unnecessary discussions.

If you find it too challenging and need help with any aspect of this plan, do get in touch with me.  I will be only too pleased to help you get started and head you towards success…’s what I do and it’s my way of giving back.