Karen McCusker

Entrepreneur & Business Coach


Supporting. Coaching. Developing.

As a successful entrepreneur and business coach I am at the stage that I want to give back by supporting and/or coaching people and non profit organisations, who themselves want to make a positive difference in the world. The areas I can help with are: Strategic Planning, Organising and Time Management.

I have a talent to see if something you want to do, is going to be successful. Does it suit you? Will it make you happy? How will you reach your goal? What are the chances of success? I use the Clifton Strengths method with visualisation as a tool to explore the future with you. I can help you to make a plan that suits you and will work for you. I believe that energy should be used effectively.


Pricing for individuals: From 375 Euro 

This includes:
– the assessment itself
– two coaching sessions of 90 minutes each
– one personalized analysis based on our first conversation

'When you focus on the good, the good gets better'
- Abraham Hicks

Focus on your strengths, focus on success

I offer a personal Clifton Strengths Assessment and coaching sessions to help you to get the most out of you and your business.

Are you somebody who wants to make a positive difference for the world? Want to find out how I can help you?You could start by downloading the booklet ‘How to make your non-profit successful’ below and/or use the contact form to get in touch.

I would love to help you get started and head you towards success. It’s what I do and it’s my way of giving back.


What some of my clients say about working with me

Ik heb Karen leren kennen als een bijzonder betrokken persoon. Karen is een gever, ze wil teruggeven aan de ander en de samenleving. Het is een feest om met Karen op te trekken en ik word altijd heel blij van de gesprekken met haar.
Henriette van der Meij
Managing Director
Karen can see me as I am, in my work and private life. She really sees and understands my company. Am I saying and doing the things I need to do, to attract the clients I want to attract/ help...

She can look at me through my clients eyes. This is how we work together on my website and my planning. Can my plans work? How to keep to my planning and how to aim my Sales and Marketing efforts? All important things for me because I sometimes find it hard to keep my focus. Karen sees really quickly if something will work or not.

Ineke Hilhorst
I was always a quiet and introverted person, which is not always helpful in today’s society. Karen showed me that no matter how your personality is, you have a unique code of strengths inside of you - and how useful it is to be aware!

Karen provided the perfect explanation of my strengths including the opportunities and downsides they come with. It was like getting to know yourself again. We discussed very practical tips and ideas on how I can make best use of my strengths within my business. Truly thankful for her support!

Inna Dmytrenko Private Yoga Teacher
Inna Dmytrenko
Private Yoga Teacher
Karen immensely helped me grow as a person and continues to help me develop my business as entrepreneur. I really like her approach of exploring my strengths, personality and business plan together.

The results of that is a deep level of understanding from Karen´s side and enables her to come up with to me tailored advice – which I benefit from personally and professionally alike. In short: Working with Karen made me use my full potential and kickstarted my future as entrepreneur. Will definitely continue to work with her.

Johannes Voelz Consultant
Johannes Völz

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